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Sigma Rox 9.1

ROX 9.1
Simpy too much to list. Check out for all the details

Rox 9.1
Sigma Rox 8

Bike computer with 3-channel wireless transmission
The SIGMA ROX 8.0 answers just about all the questions you could imagine. Besides measuring altitude, inclination and temperature, the newly developed digitally encoded 3-channel wireless STS (SIGMA TRANSMISSION SYSTEM) makes it possible to use several sensors, such as pulse measurement, speed and cadence transmitter, at the same time. Analysing the individual memories and total values on the PC, however, is only possible with the optionally available SIGMA docking station and software.

11 general functions
7 bike functions
3 cadence functions
9 heart rate functions
7 time functions
3 temperature functions
6 Altitude measuring functions
9 uphill functions
8 downhill functions
2 favourite functions
10 total values
5 Interface software functions
8 software data center

Rox 8

Rox 8 docking station

Sigma BC 2209 HMR

BC2209 HMR
22 functions.......Tripple wireless, Heart rate

22 functions

Sigma BC 1909 HR

BC1909 HR
19 functions.......Tripple wireless, Heart rate

19 functions

Sigma BC 1609 sts cad

BC1609 sts cad
16 functions.......wireless, cadence

16 functions

Sigma BC 1609 sts

BC1609 sts
16 functions.......wireless, c

16 functions

Sigma BC 1009 sts

BC1009 sts
10 functions.......the lowest priced wireless

10 functions

Sigma BC 1609 wire

16 functions.......the top wired unit

16 functions

Sigma BC 1009 wire

10 functions.......wired unit

10 functions

Sigma BC 509 wire

5 functions.......wired unit

5 functions

Sigma STS Cadence

2nd Bike Kit
Wireless Cadence second Bike kit

all parts included

Sigma Sport Germany

new and affordable
LED 20 lux

High performance optics and the latest LED-technology are the reasons for the bright-shining 20-LUX-light of the Sigma Sport Lightster. An additional safety-feature is the wide glare-free light view, which provides up to 20h homgeneous illumination. Light apertures on the side also increase visibility. The enhanced anti-skid pads of the proven click bracket offer perfect fit, even on oversize handlebars. The Lightster could be easily removed via slide-function to protect it against theft.

Sigma Lightster

sigma Micro, front light

The SIGMA MICROS let you be seen always and everywhere. The varied LED lights can be fastened to the body or sports equipment with flexible Velcro straps to provide safety while running, bicycling or rollerblading. They are available with a white or red LED and achieve enormous lighting power through special optics.

sigma Micro, front light

sigma Micro, rear light

same just in red

sigma Micro, rear light