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Pletscher Zoom

Pletscher Zoom Kickstand
A lightweight good looking kickstand which is adjustable to various lengths. Available in black or silver with large foot for a secure stand.

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Zoom adjustable Kickstand

Pletscher Optima Flex

NEW !!!!!!
comes with regular top plate, order the F 8 deluxe top plate for an even better fit

E-Bikes ! wow this kickstand is rated for 50 KG ( 110 lbs) or double than all other kickstands

Great for E bikes, touring bikes with handlebarbags or heavy loaded bikes of all sizes.
with black size adjuster sleeve and big foot

Choose below the short mounting bolt, if your bike has a standard kickstand plate welded on the frame. Save weight and a super clean install.

110 Lbs E Bike kickstand

Pletscher Double BiPod

NEW !!!!!!
It comes with the deluxe top plate fastener.

Great for touring bikes with handlebarbags or heavy loaded bikes of all sizes. It folds to one side and looks like a regular kickstand. Does NOT hang down behind the bottom bracket and gets hung up on curbs. Like all Pletscher kickstands it works for years without the dreaded wobble. Great on tour for small wheel repairs or to adjust the shifting ( as it lifts up the rear wheel and its out of the way enough to pedal the wheel.
Available in black or silver.

picture from Ecovelo, it shows the optional f24 Shoes. not included.

The whole kickstand with ALL the deluxe fastening bits weighs 640 grams
Lately the question comes up how long this kickstand is ?
Its 320 mm and the ONLY version Pletscher is selling in the USA, If you want 280 mm than either cut the legs, OR give us a prepaid order for 500 pcs, wait around 4 months and voila...

Double Kickstand


Double Shoes F 24

Double Shoes
Make the double kickstand even better with a pair of matching shoes

Double shoes
$4.00 Pair
deluxe top plate

Deluxe top plate
Attention : We now deliver the double kickstand WITH this top plate ! Buy only if you want to upgrade an older version!
Two plastic sleeves protect the chainstays, comes with top plate and longer bolt, fits most steel frames and alloy frames with smaller than usual chainstays. Prevents kickstand from sliding away if your bike doesnt have a kickstand plate. The picture is a beautiful Surly. ( Thanks Alan )

Deluxe top plate
Pletscher REAR Multi ZOOM

Pletscher REAR Multi ZOOM Kickstand
Pletscher Multi Zoom . More adjusability than all other rear kickstands on the market, now available in the zoom version. Available silver only, despite picture shows black


Multi ZOOM Kickstand
Pletscher COMP ZOOM

Pletscher COMP ZOOM Kickstand
Attention : this kickstands mount on existing chainstay plate on your bike. If there is NO double hole plate brazed into your rear stay couple inches away from the axle this kickstand will NOT fit. Lots of European touring bikes as well as some (older?) Specialized Globe bikes have this option.

They come in two version for different width of holes 17 mm or the wide newer version of 40 mm, measure before you order, please. Available in 17 mm width black or silver, or 40 mm wide in silver only

COMP ZOOM Kickstand


Pletscher Esge deluxe

Pletscher Deluxe Kickstand
Pletscher Esge Kickstand. This is the kickstand all others are measuring up to ( or at least they pretent they are, as this kickstand has the wobblefree patented Pletscher innards, all others are trying to copy without much luck. Comes with top plate and screw/washer

we now also offer the extra long 305 mm long version

Deluxe Kickstand

Shoe F 13

F13 Shoe
Give the standard kickstand a better footing to stand on. Looks good too !

Attention: These will NOT fit the double kickstand !

F13 shoe
Pletscher CS Rack, Black

Pletscher CS Rack
This is the rack Pletscher became known with. Those racks were copied from all over the world. However customers found out that the alloy the competitors were using was and still is not even close to the stringent Pletscher Q/C. Comes with J3 double seat stay clamp

Pletscher CS
Athlete 4B SYSTEM

For Folding bikes 20 inch
4 legs Athlete rear with easy Fix "SYSTEM". This over 80 lbs rated carrier ( please only 50 lbs max when used in conjunction with any childcarrier) has three holes which allow several Pletscher accessories to be mounted rattlefree with no tools. Of course it works like a regular carrier as well. All alloy with stainless fittings for braze ons on the seattubes. Great sturdy carrier
ATTENTION this carrier is for 20 inch bikes ( folding bikes ) ONLY

Athlete 4B Easy Fix
EasyFix Video

Quick Rack Video